Self Storage Insurance

At Henkes Welsh Agency, we specialize in designing insurance programs for the self storage business owners. Most insurance companies will provide your business with the basic products needed to run a company; however, we offer you the specific products necessary to sustain a successful storage facility operation. Since your insurance needs are unique, we will carefully design a plan that fits both your facility's needs and your budget.

A storage facility insurance policy from Henkes Welsh Agency will protect your business with the following coverages:

  • Customer's goods liability
  • Sale and disposal liability
  • Business property
  • Limited pollutant removal
  • Employee resident manager's personal liability

If your storage facility is not properly insured, your business is at risk. Whether it is delinquent tenants, negligent employees, or Mother Nature at her worst, your business will not withstand a disaster. If you go another day without adequately protecting your business, it could be your last.

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